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Harvest Q1 2018 Review - What a Quarter

by Jeff Dorman
on April 11, 2018

Harvest Q1 2018 Review - What a Quarter

(See last quarter’s Letter from the CEO here)

Dear Harvest community,

It’s April, and that means 3 things:

  • Baseball is in full swing
  • It is, of course, still snowing in New York
  • And we’re one month away from the usual “sell in May, go away” rhetoric (more on this below)

Fortunately, there’s no snow at HHH (Harvest’s Houston Headquarters), but it’s definitely raining content every day!  Thanks to all of you, we just finished another exciting quarter of growth. We’ll dive into that further below, but first, let’s talk about you - the Harvest Community that makes all of this possible.

New York-centric? Not anymore

We took a trip down memory lane to see how Harvest has evolved.  We singled out NYC’s depressing weather above because NY and CA dominated our member community 4 years ago.  But today, the Harvest Community is much more representative of the Global Asset Management and Investor landscape. Harvest readers & contributors now hail from all over the US and Europe, and we’re beginning to see strong penetration in Asia, South America, Australia and parts of Africa.

Investing will always be global, and it’s important that Harvest represents Firms, Products, and Investors from all corners of the world.

Interactive Map   (Hint:  Tell a few colleagues about Harvest to make the Green Circles bigger).

Content posted to Harvest is
down 20% and we couldn’t be happier!

Wait, what?  We value quality over quantity, so we made improvements to the platform geared specifically towards eliminating noise and improving the reader experience. As a result of some of these changes, total content posted in the 1Q is down, but for all the right reasons.  Less is more!   

We’ve restricted who can post content to ensure that only truly qualified investment firms and professionals can upload their thought leadership, blog posts, white papers, and videos to Harvest.  We’ve also taken measures to make sure that Harvest is NOT lumped in with social media sites and stock-opinion message boards by removing commenting and hiding member profiles other than those of our contributors.  Harvest was never meant to be a “discussion forum” or a place for lively debate. Instead, we aim to increase knowledge share and discovery. We’re confident these recent moves help both our readers and contributors achieve their goals (Were we right?  Give us feedback).

Here are some improvements we’ve made for readers this quarter:

Read about new Reader features     

And here are some improvements we’ve made for contributors this quarter:

  • You can now edit your Published content while remaining compliant
  • We created a case study for how a $50 bn Asset Manager utilized Harvest to perfection
  • We launched the Harvest Blog, dedicated to “Best Practices” for marketing & IR teams that utilize content marketing

Read about new Posting features

Sell in May, Go Away

We’ve all heard it, but is it true?  “Sell in May, go away” was referenced 14 times in content posted to Harvest in the Spring of 2017.  Here’s one of our favorite analyses about the myth, submitted by Lance Roberts from Real Investment Advice:

Historically, May is the 4th WORST performing month for stocks with an average return of just 0.26%. However, it is the 3rd worst performing month on a median return basis of just 0.49%

Community Spotlight:  Say hello to new additions and welcome back long lost friends

In the 1Q 2018, 46 new financial firms joined Harvest and began sharing content to the Community.  From the behemoths you know and love (like Guggenheim, Wisdom Tree, Morgan Stanley, and Russell Investments) to those that will soon be household names (like Shinnecock, Jirisan, and Amala)... there's something for everyone on Harvest. 

We’d also like to welcome back RCM Alternatives and Toroso Investments after a brief hiatus.  Don’t ever leave us again!

Breakdown of new Firms joining Harvest in the 1Q

So what were all of these Financial Firms talking about in the 1Q?

Glad you asked.  January started with a typical dose of 2018 Market Outlooks. This was followed quickly by opinions on the market selloff, the direction of Interest Rates caused by the Fed’s moves, and, of course, China (pre- and post- the recent tariffs).  But it wasn’t all timely market calls. We celebrated “International Women’s Day” by introducing our Community to some of the brightest minds in the business, and we were also treated to a healthy debate on “passive vs active” investing.

We invite you to join the Harvest Innovation Community

At Harvest, we throw around the word “Community” a lot when referring to our platform and the people that power it.  We don’t take this word lightly. In order for a community to grow, everyone needs to be a participant.

We’ve been furiously building software for so long, that we accidentally took our eye off of the most important part of our platform… you!  So we’re making an effort to change that.

In the 2Q 2018, we’ll be launching the “Harvest Innovation Community” (powered of course by our own secure and private communication software, Vosterra). As part of this select group of Harvest members, we want you to critique us, test our new features, and help us make Harvest an even better community experience for everyone.

If you’d like to be part of this focus group, please let us know.


Jeff Dorman, COO

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