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Introducing the Harvest Interest Score: Judging Investor Interest Through Data

By Harvest September 22, 2017

Harvest’s A.I. analyzes millions of data points each month that feed into its proprietary..

Thinking, Fast and Slow, in a Successful Product Campaign

By Graig Norden September 20, 2017

Investment managers should consider Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, Fast and Slow when..

Is Your Content Marketing Effective?-- Using Attribution Analysis As Your Guide Webinar Recap

By Graig Norden September 12, 2017

On Thursday, September 7, Harvest hosted a webinar titled Is Your Content Marketing Effective?--..

Planning for 2018: Attribution Analysis for Content Marketing

By Graig Norden August 29, 2017

To increase the value proposition of a business, you must do something cheaper, or do it better.

Attribution Analysis – It’s not just for Portfolios

By Bob Dryzgula August 15, 2017

The investment community has been using portfolio attribution for over 3 decades. While the..

Harvest Data Roundup - Vol. 1

By Alex Bisberg April 20, 2017

(With help from Austin Teague, Marketing & Data Insights Analyst, and Bob Dryzgula, Chief..

Why We Don’t Use Amazon to Host our Website

By Sital Patel March 6, 2017

Harvest stopped using Amazon Web Service to host it's website a few years ago, after Harvest..

What Asset Managers Need to do to Get Rid of Friction

By Sital Patel March 1, 2017

Good relationships are all about getting rid of friction and interruptions.