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Planning for 2018: Attribution Analysis for Content Marketing

by Graig Norden
on August 29, 2017

Planning for 2018: Attribution Analysis for Content Marketing

To increase the value proposition of a business, you must do something cheaper, or do it better. The proliferation of ETFs and robo-advisors has perpetuated a painful competition to lower fees and has created an element of commoditization in products and services. Therefore, the value proposition as an investment manager is becoming more and more difficult to demonstrate.

So how will you improve your value proposition? Cheaper, or better?

At Harvest, we can’t help you win the race to the bottom in fees but we do believe it’s still possible for investment managers to differentiate themselves. One powerful way to do so is with digital content marketing. In 2018, this will no longer be a luxury, but a necessity in raising assets. For asset managers and advisors alike, Harvest was built to facilitate this idea.

As it relates to improving your firm’s value proposition, attribution reporting is the most critical element for superior content marketing. No longer just a tool to measure the drivers within a portfolio, it is also crucial to understanding what content is resonating with your audience.

This is more important than ever because financial services has always been a relationship-oriented business. That’s unlikely to change, but the ways in which investors expect to engage in a relationship have rapidly evolved due to digital technology. Most businesses are struggling to respond, not just financial services providers. In fact, less than 20% of American businesses are quantifiably good at delivering customer experiences despite universal agreement that superior experiences can differentiate a company from its rivals, according to recent study published by the Harvard Business Review.  

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HBR concludes that high performers are more likely to use agile methods, cloud and big data services, and extensible APIs to harness huge volumes of data from disparate sources. This is a radical departure from the days of factsheets and dense PowerPoint decks. Fortunately, Harvest’s engine can serve as the first step for an investment manager to deliver better customer experiences, or as a compliment to your existing efforts.

Watch a short 20-minute webinar with CMO Bob Dryzgula of Harvest about how content marketing attribution can improve your client and prospect communications. Just as importantly, we will share how you can analyze your performance relative to your peers.

In this webinar we will cover:

  • How attribution analysis can be applied to financial content
  • How to incorporate this toolset into your overall strategy
  • A case study based on a top 10 asset manager

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