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Editor's Picks: Artko Capital, Fidelity Institutional, Alger & More

by Graig Norden
on May 9, 2018

Editor's Picks: Artko Capital, Fidelity Institutional, Alger & More

Content posted to Harvest was down 20% last quarter and we're pretty thrilled about it. This corresponds with our initiative to ensure that only qualified investment firms and professionals can share their thought leadership. In this vein, we have also taken steps to distance ourselves from social media sites and stock-opinion message boards by removing commenting and hiding member profiles unless they are verified. In sum, we have prioritized quality over quantity.

With that in mind, the following are a few notable items published to Harvest in April that were highly trafficked by our member community:

Artko Capital LP: 1Q 2018 Partner Letter

Far and away, this was the most popular piece of content published on Harvest in April and it’s easy to understand why. The LP’s performance has blown the doors off, which should command your attention in and of itself. Still, Peter Rabover, Portfolio Manager, articulates with impressive detail the fund’s contributors and detractors and mixes terrific context with witty candor. If you feel like getting into the weeds, start here. Read more…


Fidelity Institutional Asset Management: Q2 2018 Quarterly Market Update

The second most viewed piece of content in April comes from Fidelity. A brief video narrated by SVP of Asset Allocation Dirk Hofschire, CFA, provides a brief recap of 2017 and summarizes Fidelity’s outlook of the global economy for 2018. If you feel like going deeper, Fidelity’s complete quarterly update is available to download as well. If market volatility, fiscal stimulus, US trade postures, or secular trends are of interest to you, this article is worth your time. Read more…

Alger: The Power of Focus: Looking for Alpha in a Sea of Beta

Weekly Briefings

Receive our weekly updates that focus on educational content and practice management ideas for investment managers.

Are you over-diversified? This white paper makes the case that a portfolio of diversified managers might mean you are paying active fees for index-like exposure. Accordingly, Greenwich Associate’s study on behalf of Alger found that focused strategies, or those with 50 or fewer securities, currently comprise between 20% and 30% of total active equity assets among the 75 institutional investors and intermediary fund platforms participating in the study. This is consistent with data pulled from eVestment related to searches being conducted by institutional investors. Read more…

Chestnut Advisory Group: Getting Heard: How to Ensure Investors Actually Hear Your Message

Despite being one of the more popular posts on Harvest last month, you might file this under a shameless plug. Chestnut, a business development consultant for asset managers, surveyed over 100 institutional investors and consultants on the most effective forms of communication delivery from managers. Their findings demonstrate the need to expand online communication channels to ensure that your message gets through faster and more clearly. We are happy to share that Harvest’s investor platform was featured as an emerging next-gen tool. Read more…

SWS Partners: The Internet of Things: A Tech Evolution Unfolding in Front of Our Eyes

CIO Mike Parker, CFA, details some of the implications of our traditionally offline devices going online, a phenomenon called the Internet of Things. Cisco Systems estimates that the number of connected devices will increase from roughly 28 billion today to over 50 billion by 2020. Parker suggests that the companies that position themselves as arms dealers to this connectivity proliferation stand to be large beneficiaries of IoT-based disruptions. Read more…

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