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Harvest 2017 Year-in-Review

by Peter Hans
on January 11, 2018

Harvest 2017 Year-in-Review

Dear Harvest community,

Peter Hans, CEO & Co-Founder of HarvestToday, I'm thrilled to report that 2017 was an incredible year of growth for Harvest so I thought it would be interesting to share some information with, and about the community.

In 2017, a record 1.6 million investors fed their brains on Harvest, 24% of whom read content on our mobile app. These investors ranged from institutional CIOs and portfolio managers to financial planners and individual investors. And while the U.S. represents roughly 75% of Harvest’s audience, I'm happy to say that the Harvest community is holding strong in 190 countries; I especially appreciate both of our loyal members in French Polynesia.

Harvest's library of content consists of investment insights, white papers and videos transparently distributed by over 1,500 asset managers and financial firms. With this 'straight from the source' knowledge coming in at a record 22,400 posts in 2017, it was hard not to find at least 2-3 interesting pieces every week.

Increasingly, we are seeing community growth from some of the  largest asset managers in the world. The scale and diversity of financial firms on Harvest is empowering our community to explore and discover relevant expertise in one place. The content freely available in 2017 included the usual investor letters, thoughts on the Fed, and outlooks for opportunities in Emerging Markets, Asia and Europe, but we also enjoyed the brain candy on more current topics like Cybersecurity, Cryptocurrencies, Financial Innovation, and ESG.  Harvest members continued to access evergreen Educational insights, but also time-sensitive content, like how to invest around the Hurricanes or the Japanese Elections. There was even consistently valuable, spam-free content from service providers (many of whom had new clients connect with them through Harvest)!

Given the sheer volume of content available on Harvest, it is becoming increasingly important that we are able to effectively filter out the noise and deliver what is most relevant to each individual investor. Harvest’s development and data science teams are making continuous improvements to our A.I. which will only add to the member experience going forward.

Harvest's team pushed over 5,000 software commitments in 2017, enhancing everything from the speed of page load times to the accuracy of our algorithms. We redesigned our publishing platform, revolutionized behavioral data reporting, and brought data rooms and private portals to the future. From a compliance and cyber security standpoint, we even built a proprietary blockchain solution for indisputable archiving and data-integrity. And while our development team ranges from former Two Sigma employees to genomics experts, we also harnessed our marketing skills through our recently launched blog. Check it out for data-driven insights on content creation and industry trends. We’ll continue to push significant updates and improvements throughout 2018, and we love receiving feature and functionality suggestions from our members, so keep those coming!

We started Harvest out of necessity - to solve real engagement problems for asset managers and their clients. It is incredibly humbling to see the Harvest mission materialize. Thank you, sincerely, to Harvest's community of pension funds, family offices, sovereign wealth funds, RIAs, wirehouses, asset managers, member organizations, service providers and individual investors.


Peter Hans, Co-Founder & CEO

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