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Is Your Content Marketing Effective?-- Using Attribution Analysis As Your Guide Webinar Recap

On Thursday, September 7, Harvest hosted a webinar titled Is Your Content Marketing Effective?-- Using Attribution Analysis as Your Guide. A recording is now available.

The topic itself is timely because marketing professionals have long suffered from having an inferior toolkit when compared to their counterparts on the investment team. Attribution analysis is an example of how that has changed.

Whereas investment teams have relied on attribution analyses within the context of a portfolio for some time, digital technology has only recently made this accessible for marketers as well. Now marketers can evaluate winners and losers within the context of their content marketing strategy.


Consider the accompanying chart. Formerly, marketing was confined to the upper left quadrant: developing collateral. This perpetuated the unfortunate adage of always wasting half your marketing budget, but never knowing which half.

That’s changed in a hurry. In addition to changing the way consumers seek out products and services, companies like Amazon and Netflix have also mastered the collection and application of user data. The resulting personalization of communications between users and firms has changed users' expectations of all companies--including those in financial services. Morgan Stanley and BlackRock are two close to home who have figured this out and sought to mimic this approach.

What does this mean?

In the same way that a portfolio manager constantly evaluates what has contributed to or detracted from portfolio returns, marketers must apply attribution analysis to their content strategy. With ongoing iterations of this process, it grows easier to synchronize your content with your audience’s tastes and preferences.

Whether we are talking about Amazon or BlackRock, measuring and learning are indispensable inputs for later content development. In this vein, Harvest Exchange’s platform is built to compliment an existing digital strategy or otherwise help a manager get immediately up to speed. If content is king, then more closely resembling the likes of Amazon is the difference between success and failure for marketers.

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