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The Signal and the Noise in Content Marketing

by Graig Norden
on January 17, 2018

The Signal and the Noise in Content Marketing

In Nate Silver’s The Signal and the Noise, he discusses why political prognosticators are often flagrantly incorrect. Predicting wild outcomes are good for ratings even if they have no merit. False positives, the assumptions that a given condition exists when it does not, are acceptable gusto in this context. On the other hand, false negatives – failing to predict an outcome that does in fact occur – are considered a more grievous mistake. Silver says this is one reason why there is an abundance of noise when it comes to making predictions.

Harvest Exchange is built to help our users decipher the signals from the noise as it relates to content marketing. Our attribution and peer analysis reports can help you limit both false positives and negatives.

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Attribution Reports

By providing lucid insights into your top-performing content pieces, our attribution reports help ensure that you’re not wasting resources on topics that you falsely believe will have broad appeal – content marketing’s false positives. This is valuable because, for most investment managers, a small number of posts are responsible for most of their user engagement. For example, 35% of Blackrock's posts generate 80% of their opens and 26% of PIMCO’s posts generate 80% of their opens. On the other hand, consider that 55% of Thornburg’s posts generate 80% of their opens. This is a result of studying our analytics and then focusing on those topics which are generating the greatest level of interest.

Peer Analysis Reports

Our peer analysis reports help uncover potential topics that your strategy has overlooked: content marketing’s false negatives. Perhaps you have domain expertise on a particular topic that is quite popular with other firms. Peer analysis reports can identify these areas so that you can adjust your content marketing strategy accordingly.

While investment managers don't seem to be as hasty in making predictions as political pundits, digital analytics can help you avoid their mistakes all the same.

Watch a short, 20-minute webinar by CMO Bob Dryzgula of Harvest on using content marketing attribution to better understand your audience's tastes and preferences. Just as importantly, we will share how you can analyze your performance relative to your peers.

In this webinar we will cover:

  •       How attribution analysis can be applied to financial content
  •       How to incorporate this toolset into your overall strategy
  •       A case study based on a top 10 asset manager

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